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What an energy clearing session looks like

So it’s dawned on me that while I talk about energy clearing work, that probably still doesn’t mean a whole lot to you unless you’ve had a session with me or are familiar with the “woo woo” practices out there. One day, I’ll take a live video of someone so you can watch it first hand. But for now, I’ll walk you through the process.

For the sake of today, I am working with wealth consciousness and looking at the beliefs I have around receiving (from a financial aspect) and what kind of rules I have made up about how I am ‘allowed’ to receive. So, there are LOTS of those I’m working through but the ones I worked on today, I want to share my clearing process because it was SO FREAKING SPOT ON.

I use a technique called muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to figure out what I need to work on. Then, I use it to get super specific about the emotion or self-limiting belief that is connected to whatever thing I’m working on. Below is the step by step process I took. Not included is the releasing technique - but a cool thing to note, is that once whatever the emotion or belief is, is released, it’s gone and we don’t have to worry about it coming back. These things are created from different experiences we have gone through, or have inherited, and oftentimes there are multiple emotions or beliefs tied to an experience.* Another thing to note - this work is an ongoing thing, one session can certainly change things, but for noticeable shifts to happen it does require a bit of commitment, because heck, unlearning and reprogramming doesn't happen overnight!

So, first thing I did was see where I was not allowing myself to do money my way and found that I had acquired some beliefs (around money) from others that are keeping me stuck. Here they were: resentment, terror, taken for granted, helplessness, frustration, forlorn, stubbornness, panic, hopelessness, insecurity, love unreceived, shock, indecisiveness, lost, crying, hatred, despair, nervousness (a couple repeats).

Next, I needed to clear out the limiting beliefs creating fear and anxiety that were connected to money (and therefore constricting the flow of it).

  • Root Chakra (security & survival) Resources: anxiety, worry, undeserving, unworthy, suspicious

    • Anxiety: Sacral Chakra (creativity) Victim Mentality: can’t breathe life in easily and fully, not open and receptive to all the good & beautiful in my life, unbelieving that whatever I’m guided to do will be a success

    • Worry: Heart Chakra (love and relationships) Control Mentality: my (self) love has limitations

    • Undeserving: Heart Chakra Control Mentality: I refuse to surrender

    • Unworthy: Third Eye Chakra (intuition and comprehension) Victim Mentality: I cannot release whatever keeps me running old behaviors of thought and perception

    • Suspicious: Solar Plexus Chakra (self worth and emotions) Victim Mentality: I feel incapable of succeeding in business, I am paralyzed with self doubt

Not sure if you’re mindblown yet, but I was. They made so much sense.

Lastly, I needed to clear out the belief that I NEED to make money. This too was a self limiting belief originating in:

  • Crown Chakra (connection to divine/source/universe/god) Resources: I’m unaware of my purpose, I believe fulfillment is somewhere outside of myself

    • Unaware of purpose: Solar Plexus Chakra - Stagnation: my life is not one success after another, i am not taking the necessary action to move forward now, I don’t easily recognize and release paralyzing habits and routines, I don’t understand quickly what each experience is teaching me

    • Fulfillment Is Outside of Self: Heart Chakra - Resources: I don’t know how to nurture and protect my inner child, I am not created for love, I am not nurturing me, my self love has limitations, I feed off of the praise and acknowledgement of others rather than praising and acknowledging myself, I don’t believe I am a precious gift to this world

Again, I’ll give you a second to see how wildly accurate this shit is.

These emotions that need to be released, these self limiting beliefs, they all live in our subconscious. And I’ll bet you didn’t know that we operate out of our subconscious 95% of the time - that’s right, NINETY FIVE PERCENT OF THE TIME. Sounds crazy, but look it up! Our subconscious dictates our conscious experience, so no wonder we’re walking around all fucked up. The incredible part of all of this, is that energy work (which, is what I used here to determine and release all of this baggage) is done on the subconscious level - and once we get rid of that old shit, it doesn’t come back. We’re essentially rewiring our neural pathways so that we can have a different lived experience!

If my single experience here hasn’t piqued any sort of curiosity, I won’t hold that against you. But if it has, and you’re like holy shit this stuff sounds awesome and why haven’t I jumped into this energy clearing work, please reach out. Email, my contact form on my website, text, phone call, slide into my DMs - whatever. But do the thing, because you deserve to be living a conscious life.

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