About Me

Hi! I'm Aubrey :)

I’m just your regular ‘ol recovering perfectionist dog-mom living in rural Northwestern Arizona, guiding women towards emotional and energetic freedom and whole body wellness. 


I'm a math nerd gone mind-body enthusiast. I've spent a decade as a personal trainer and movement specialist, and along the way became so intrigued by the mind-body connection I studied eating psychology, mind-body therapy, conscious relationships, yoga + yoga psychology, auricular therapy and am journey down the Bioenergetic Medicine path.  

my story (in a nutshell)

Yoga is the real reason why I’m here, doing this. I’ve received my 200 hr YTTC in India and spent the following 6 months traveling solo around Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. But before all of that, I was just a young professional working in Washington, D.C., disliking both my job, and myself, using cookie dough, excessive exercise and emotionally unavailable men as a way to distract me. Two years in, I finally let go of my need to make use of my math degree and changed careers into the fitness industry.

One day, about three years in, on the emotional roller coaster also known as my life (fueled by binge eating, no boundaries and low self worth), I found myself in a moment of heartbreak. Except that...it was really more like a painful realization that I actually had no freaking clue who the heck I was or what I wanted out of life! I was having a complete identity crisis at the age of 28.


This prompted some serious self-reflection, a momentarily unhealthy attachment to my yoga practice, a self-diagnosis of codependency, and a trip to Kripalu to attend Coby Kozlowski’s Quarter Life Calling (because, hello, isn't that the perfect sounding program for someone having a quarter life crisis)?! That culmination of events lead to a tough, but very much needed decision that I was quitting my job and traveling to India (and beyond).


During that trip, all of the pieces that made up my identity fell away. I was just an American girl chasing the sunset (literally, I'm obsessed with sunsets). And, simultaneously, I was becoming the true version of myself that had been hiding under societal (and mostly) self imposed expectations. Each day, I chose how I wanted to show up in the world. I committed to being uncomfortable for the sake of what was on the other side of that discomfort. When I returned stateside, I continued that commitment. I sat with a LOT of uncertainty (financial, professional, etc.). I was absolutely tempted to return to comfort, for the sake of convenience, but I knew that was no longer in alignment with my soul. 

Before, during, and after my trip, I continue(d) to learn. If we're being honest, I'll be a forever student. I studied Mind-Body Nutrition. 300 hours of Yoga Psychology. Conscious Relationships. 300 hours of Mind-Body Therapy. 300 more hours of Yoga. Auricular Therapy. And now, I'm in a doctorate program of Bioenergetic Medicine and Natural Medicine!

It's because of these certificate programs that I am who I am today. And, it's because of how complementary they are to one another that I am able to offer  integrative services. I've done the legwork, and now you my beautiful friend, can reap the benefits of a comprehensive, mind-body-soul experience. All I've ever wanted to do is help others avoid the pains of my past, and now, as a wiser version of myself, I realize I can't help you avoid anything, but I certainly can help you navigate the experience we call life.