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about me

Hi! I'm Aubrey :)

I’m just your regular ‘ol recovering perfectionist dog-mom living in Northern Arizona, guiding women towards emotional and energetic freedom and whole body wellness. 


I'm a math nerd gone mind-body enthusiast. I've spent a decade as a personal trainer, nutrition coach & movement specialist, and along the way became so intrigued by the mind-body connection I studied eating psychology, mind-body therapy, conscious relationships, yoga + yoga psychology, auricular therapy and am on the journey of bioenergetic and quantum energy medicine.

my story

Sometimes I say that yoga is what has gotten me here, practicing bioenergetics and energy medicine, but that’s just part of the story.

Long story long, body image issues, codependency, disordered eating, anxious attachment, perfectionism, super low self-worth, and the desire to validate my own suffering by desperately wanting to help other women are really what have gotten me here. 

Since I was a kid, being a human was tough. I was definitely a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), but didn’t know that until my mid-twenties, and man - that made navigating the overwhelming amount of emotions I experienced regularly kind of hard. Then, as a teenager, emotional eating made it just a little bit easier to navigate the day-to-day because hello - chocolate can cure anything. In college, I had my first massive heartbreak (the kind where your entire heart and any sense of understanding, security, and the future all shatter). Then in my twenties, I was determined to prove to myself that I could be a successful woman: I changed careers from a crappy corporate job in Washington, D.C. to personal training at an elite gym where I worked my way to being a top trainer for this international company. At the same time that I was making great money, I paid off my student loans, bought and paid off a car, got my own apartment, enrolled in multiple certificate courses to broaden my understanding of myself mostly, all while seeking validation from emotionally unavailable dudes while using alcohol as an excuse for my BLDs (bad life decisions). 

Nothing was out of control, well except maybe my compulsive emotional eating that I was then forced to acknowledge was actually binge eating. That’s sort of where I first realized that hey, maybe I’m not as healthy as I think I am. I began to want to understand why I could eat a package of raw cookie dough, some ice cream, and brownies in a single sitting and still feel empty. That’s when I decided to study eating psychology and work with an alternative healer to start to get my shit together. 

As I neared my mid/late twenties, another breakup (really only the second official one of my life) rocked my world again. This time instead of my heart breaking because of some toolbag, it was breaking because I finally realized that I needed to figure out who the heck I was and what the heck I was doing with my life. This is what prompted my dive into establishing a yoga practice and shortly after, making the decision to quit my job to travel around the world solo for 6 months. 

During that trip, all of the pieces that made up my identity fell away. I was just an American girl chasing the sunset (literally, I'm obsessed with sunsets). And, simultaneously, I was becoming the true version of myself that had been hiding under societal (and mostly) self imposed expectations. I got to know myself in a way that I never had. 


When I got back, I was tempted to return to the life of comfort & convenience, but I just couldn’t face going back to the grind  A year and a half later I moved to a rural town in NW Arizona that had zero appeal to me aside from the weather and the local yoga studio (well, and my now husband and our cute four-legged monster). That’s where I had the time and the opportunity to create what I wanted, so I dove into more studies (somatic therapies, more yoga, energy and vibrational medicine, bioenergetics, and now quantum) and founded this wellness business. 

If we’re being honest here, the energy work was the most fascinating. It was what helped me jump-start the creative phase in my business, and continues to be the thing that I use most regularly - so not that long ago, I decided it was time to really just own it. And now, I’m helping women just like myself! Regular, "normal" (whatever that even is), average women. Women of any age that are just trying to navigate life. Women who come with lots and lots of emotional baggage or women who just want a little clarity; most importantly, women who recognize that they want more and are willing to show up for themselves to get it.

my credentials

And, because sometimes people like to know a bit more about the background and qualifications of a person they may consider working with, here's my list: 

Fitness: Personal trainer + CPR/AED (2012), Pre&Post Natal Exercise (2013), Trigger Point Therapy (2013), Kettlebell Athletics Level 1&2 (2013,2014), Functional Movement Systems (2014), 500 hour Yoga Teacher (2017, 2021) - Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin/Yoga Nidra/Prenatal

Nutrition: Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (2015), Eating Psychology/Mind-Body Eating Coach (2016)

Mind-Body: Conscious Relationship Coach (2016), 300 hour Yoga Psychology Training (2020), Certified Mind-Body Therapy Practitioner (2020), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (2022), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) (2022), Energy Psychotherapist (2023), Pro-Consciousness Meditation Health Coach (2023)

Bioenergetic & Natural Medicine: Certified Auricular Therapist (2021), Certified Bioenergetic Health Coach (2022), student of IBEM & IQUIM

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