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confidence camp

transform your self-doubt

with Aubrey Babcock

A 5 week transformative experience for women seeking clarity & confidence.

Confidence Camp provides you with tools, techniques, mentorship and a supportive community to help you change your doubts into confidence. Learn how to leave your baggage in the past, use criticism as a catalyst for change, and shed the shackles of your self-limiting belief.


This program is an introduction to changing your inner landscape - your thoughts, behaviors and beliefs, so you can start living the your best life - now! Over the course of the program, you'll finally put down that heavy emotional baggage, not only envision - but embody the confidence, successful version of your highest self, and understand the messages behind those critical voices of self-doubt.


Get unstuck. Remove the old beliefs that keep you from living the life you desire. Show up as the beautiful, confidence person you truly are. And. do it with the support of a  compassionate community of women just like you. a shift un the shift you've been waiting for using your inner wisdom, yoga and energy clearing. 

does this sound like you?

I am known for notoriously overthinking. 


I am very critical of myself.

There's a nagging voice in my head always putting me down. 

I want to change how I think of myself. 

I spend a lot of time in my head. 

I've missed out on something I really wanted to do because of fear or self-doubt. 

you are NOT alone

So many of us are suffering in silence due to shame, feeling unworthy, guilt, fear, etc. Regardless of where you are on your path, if you are wondering what you can do today to make a change and take your life to the next level you have landed in the exact right place at the right time.  

You deserve to live confidently. You deserve to step into certainty and find clarity. You deserve to have the life you've always wanted!

what you get

Inside Confidence Camp, you'll experience 5 weeks of personal transformation along with the soulful support you need including:

The Confidence Camp Experience

A life-altering experience that meets you where you are while exposing you to your gifts, creating clarity, and taking you on a results-driven transformative journey.

Aubrey Babcock LIVE

5 LIVE Interactive Classes with Aubrey Babcock, mind-body coach and transformation guide


A private community to connect with other women, just like you, going through the same challenges in life. 


Worksheets, workbooks and recommended resources for your personal development.

Support & Accountability

Weekly LVIE Interactive classes, Q+A, and follow up call to keep you engaged and on track.


While this program is meant to change your life, Aubrey keeps it real. 


- 1 one-on-one energy clearing session with Aubrey

- access to over 100 prerecorded yoga classes

- 1 live group follow up call

early enrollment pricing on future programs

Aubrey is a yoga teacher, energy worker and mind-body coach for women looking for emotional and energetic freedom. 

She's also a dog-mom, math nerd and travel enthusiast. She's your average woman, just like you, guiding people towards living their best life with clarity and confidence, using integrative techniques that address the mind, body and soul. 

hi, I'm Aubrey

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