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Hi there! I’m Aubrey. I’m so glad you stopped by. 

My passion is helping women (like you!) navigate the emotional impact of being a human, from a holistic lens. The work I do focuses on balancing your energetic body system using an integrative approach designed to improve your overall well-being.  

Whether you are feeling stuck in the day-to-day, processing through trauma, or somewhere in between, rebalancing your energy system eliminates that “stuck” feeling and moves you through years of talk therapy in a matter of sessions, without the retraumatization! By identifying the root cause of your issue within the energetic body, I am able to work with your subconscious to initiate your physical body’s innate healing process more quickly. thereby relieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms.

So, if you’re a woman on a healing journey, feeling like your progress has stalled, and are ready to overcome your underlying emotional blocks with an empathetic guide to hold space, validate your experiences and support your process while you discover and grow, my process to emotional liberation will reshape your subconscious beliefs, improve cellular communication and correct imbalances within your energetic system.  

how it works

I work with people individually, either in-person or virtually. 


Almost everything I do can be done virtually, aside from Auricular Therapy and one of my bioenergetic scans. For a more comprehensive list and explanation of these offerings, click here


Whether it's a new client consultation, auricular therapy or busting through emotional blockages by tapping into your subconscious and releasing that old stuff, you'll walk away feeling more confident and free.

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Join the community of other women just like you who are choosing to take action in their lives! These programs are structured to guide you towards freedom, confidence and clarity while increasing your self awareness and getting you past your mindset blocks. 

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