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I'm Aubrey (obviously), and my passion in life is to guide women towards freedom - energetic, emotion, figurative - whatever! I'm your gal. Freedom to me is a state of being, where there is a sense of flow and ease - no blockages slowing us down or walls (beliefs) we can't get past.


Now, I prefer an integrative approach to things, meaning a combination of techniques best suited for the individual. My favorite way to do facilitate this (for both myself and my clients) is using different 'vibrational therapies,' i.e. breathwork, yoga, mindful movement, bioenergetic frequencies and energy clearing.

All of this can be done one-on one, both in person or virtually (which, is pretty awesome) and later this year you will have the opportunity to jump into a group online course setting for a deeper dive.


After any session, whether it's movement based or we're focusing on limiting beliefs, negative self talk, procrastination, lack of confidence, uncertainty - you name it, we can clear around it, you will almost always leave feeling noticeably different - and in a good way. 

Monthly Focus:

Mind-Body Nutrition

What the heck is mind-body nutrition, you ask?

Well, to put it as simply as I can, it's the impact that our mind and emotions have on our nutritional metabolism and the psychophysiology (woo, big word!) of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning are influenced by these things. 


Really it means that there is SO much more beyond food that impacts your eating, your weight, your life! Click below for a free guide to stress eating 

Work Station


Join the community of other women just like you who are choosing to take action in their lives! These programs are structured to guide you towards freedom, confidence and clarity while increasing your self awareness and getting you past your mindset blocks. 

Business Consultation


Bust through blockages and say sayonara to whatever was holding you back by tapping into your subconscious and releasing that old stuff. You'll walk away feeling free so you can step into your day with confidence. 

Yoga Practice


Choose from over 100 prerecorded yoga videos, varying from 30-90 minutes, in styles including gentle/Hatha, vinyasa, restorative and chair. Sign up for your digital access membership OR livestream access below!

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