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What are Emotions Anyway

Did you know, the definition of emotion is ‘energy in motion’

Why is this important?

Because energy is meant to be moving.

And emotions are meant to flow.

We are meant to experience our emotions.

This means allowing them to come AND go.

When we avoid, when we stuff down, when we let them consume us, these emotions become stagnant…stuck…heavy.

They weigh us down, literally and figuratively.

When we don’t acknowledge, process and release…our emotions gather in the layers of our being.

They can be stored in the physical body and show up as unwanted symptoms, health issues, etc.

They can be stored in the mental, emotional and spiritual body as well. And guess what, they still show up like unwanted symptoms - anxiousness, confusion, self-doubt, sadness, etc.

Many times, we have NO idea that our emotions and the experiences they came from can cause this type of dis-ease within our body.

Many times, these experiences and the associated emotions are the root cause of our dis-ease.

But, great news is, you don’t have to live with them forever. There’s different forms of energy work that can help you to release these things that you may not even be aware that you are carrying!

Interested in learning more, send me a message!

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