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Affirmations are Bull$h!+


I said it.

And I'm not sorry.

So if I haven't completely offended you with my opinion, I'll explain where it comes from.

In theory, affirmations are wonderful! The psychology behind it, I get it, logically, but I just can't get on board with them.

You are asking me to repeat over and over, a phase or word or whatever, that I do not believe to be true, enough times in the hopes that one day I wake up and am like 'hey, you know what, it's true! I am ... !' that not strange to anyone else?

Not sure about you, but I'm not a person who does a great job of hiding my feelings towards something - have you ever seen my face? Very expressive...dead giveaway. So for me, it seems very unlikely that I would be able to take myself seriously if I were to speak an affirmation (of a desired state) over and over, because I would feel so uncomfortable with the inauthenticity of it.

Have you ever tried the whole "fake it 'til you make it" thing? Some people - it totally works for them! But I'm not one of those people. I'm a person who has to take inspired action - because I literally cannot do something (creative, important) if it feels really forced. Can I force myself to vacuum, yes, but can I force myself to redesign my website or write a blog? Hard no. So to take a statement, which maybe I do truly desire to believe with my entire heart, and say it regularly until I believe it, is just not going to work for me.

So how do we take the concept of affirmations (i.e. repeating untrue statements), and turn it into something that can actually work?

Enter muscle testing. I love this shit. It's an easy, accessible way to tap into your intuition. I can take as many affirmations as I want to work with, and muscle test through them to see which I (my whole entire being - mind, body and soul) believe and which ones I'm resistant to. From there I have two options - repeat the ones that test strong and/or clear out whatever energetic blockage there is in the weak ones until it also tests strong.

Then - BAM - now you have a whole collection of affirmations, that your higher self and intuition believe! And while they still might not quite feel true to you, if your subconscious believes them, and you repeat them enough, eventually there will be a shift where "you" will also believe them, without it feeling icky or weird.

If you have no idea what that meant, or are interested in finding the affirmations that are right for you, head to the home page - scroll to the bottom - and send me a note!

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