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Aubrey Martinez presents


the what

6 weeks of weekly limiting belief & emotional clearings, 1 one-on-one blueprint session, 3 group check-ins, weekly emails with the group clearing replay, multiple frequency sound healings, 2 supportive bioenergetic remedies, private Facebook group, 2 emotional wellness scans

a 6 week introductory, intentional emotional reset
does this sound    familiar? you're NOT alone!

Sometimes, we so desperately wish we could do something differently, and yet we continue to repeat the same behavior over and over. Almost as if we couldn’t do it differently despite how much we want to or how hard we try. 


It’s frustrating. Disheartening. Embarrassing. 


And, totally common. 


Brains are pretty cool, albeit complicated. They love to simplify our day to day life by remembering patterns, making associations, and cruising on autopilot. 


Did you know that we operate 95% of the time out of our subconscious?? Wild right! 


To think that we only spend 5% of our time making conscious choices is absolutely mind blowing, to me at least. 


While this autopilot, or subconscious, is super helpful so much of the time (meaning, we don’t have to remember how to chew, drive a car, go to the bathroom, etc.), it can sometimes get in our way of making changes - especially ones that are not physical.


The brain perceives our experiences based on our past experiences. So that one moment - which probably happened decades ago, that you might not even remember - is still being compared against your current life experiences. When your brain perceives the experiences to be similar, it triggers a cascade of responses identical to that first time, that will now affect you physically, physiologically, emotionally, etc. Enter - automatic or subconscious reactions. 


So what does this mean in real life?


It means that we are operating out of these ancient patterns. These old, outdated belief systems that were initially put in place to protect us, but now are getting in the way of us reaching our potential. 


Some people can bypass these types of beliefs. Whether that be spiritually, through willpower, tough love, or another way that has not worked for me. 


Then, there are the rest of us. Maybe we’ve read self-help or self-development books, we’ve journaled, we’ve hired coaches, gone to therapy, talked to friends, gone to retreats, sought quick fixes from people on the internet who we thought were qualified, and so much more. Maybe some worked, and maybe a lot didn’t. And maybe we’re still looking for an answer. 


In my experience, we can’t just think our way through things. And boy have I tried! We need to make changes on the deepest level, and when it comes to the brain that’s in our neural pathways. We can’t do that from the conscious level, so we have to get there subconsciously. 


Energy works on a subconscious level. Repatterning works on this same subconscious level.  


So, in this group program I’m combining weekly subconscious reprogramming (energy clearings) based off of bioenergetic scans with incredibly effective remedies (to target those deep seeded emotional ties), a one-on-one session to identify and begin clearing your limiting beliefs, a complementary script and video to walk you through EFT tapping, and some frequency specific sound healings to help you sleep better and deal with your day-to-day stressors. 


All of these are meant to help build new neural pathways, release attachments to the beliefs that are no longer serving you, and support your mind and body’s energetic level by increasing cellular communication.

Aubrey Martinez.png

Feel less burdened knowing your experiences and feelings are valid

Aubrey Martinez.png

Feel more confident by being seen, heard & understood

Aubrey Martinez.png

Be supported physically, mentally, emotionally

Aubrey Martinez.png

Feel more in control of your emotional baggage

Aubrey Martinez.png

Feel less overwhelmed

Aubrey Martinez.png

Unpack your emotional baggage without reliving it

how you'll change

over 6  weeks you'll hit these milestones

Increased self-awareness

Learn nervous system regulation

Identify & unlearn limiting beliefs

Reduce body's response to day to day stress

Neural & subconscious reprogramming

Learn quick stress relief techniques

ready for an emotional reset?

- 6 weeks of group clears

- 2 bioenergetic remedies

- 2 bioenergetic scans (pre & post program)

- 1 one-on-one blueprint session

- weekly emails with recorded group clearing

- supportive frequency specific healing sound tracks

- coaching, accountability & support

- private supportive + kick ass community

Total Value: $1,024

Your Investment: $299 (70% savings)

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Tuesdays from Jan 3 - Feb 15
5pm MST/7pm EST

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When does "Emerge" start?

Tuesday January 3 at 5pm MT (open to shifting this time based on time zones of participants); group calls will be Tuesdays at 5pm MT/7pm EST.

I'm new to all of this stuff - can I still do it?

Ah-mazing! I love a newbie. You can absolutely do this program. 

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you are aware that you’re carrying some emotional baggage AND you are ready to start letting go of it. If you are looking for connection with other people who are on the same journey.

What if I can't attend every single meeting?

The group calls will be recorded and sent to you via email within 24 hours. 

Who is this program NOT for?

People who aren't willing and open to an alternative way of self exploration and/or aren't willing to show up for themselves, even if things are challenging. 

What happens when the program ends?

You'll forever be in the Facebook group. With VIP status you'll have access to discounted future Emerge programs. And, you'll have the opportunity to apply for our 13 week, one-on-one, more intensive dive into further emotional liberation.

Fantastic Questions & Answers

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