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Body Confidence Bootcamp

mind, body, spirit makeover

Aubrey Babcock presents

An 8 week program + community for women like no other

Body Confidence Bootcamp is an integrative program designed to alchemize your mind, body and spirit. Begin to expand your self-awareness, learn mind-body nutrition, and tame your inner-critic with the support of me and the community of other women just like you!


This program incorporates multiple modalities of holistic healing techniques to provide you tangible tools to use in every day life when you begin to feel overwhelmed, unworthy, insecure or just plain down.


Learn what exists beyond your current reality through mindfulness, yoga, energy healing and movement. Experience awesome support and accountability, along with massive shifts in your mindset that will translate into confidence.  

8 week, beginner friendly, women's immersion 

does this sound like you?

- the pandemic has totally interfered with any semblance of a routine you once had - social and physical!

- you are always busy taking care of everyone except yourself

- you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, you hide yourself with clothes and you are ready for a change

- your confidence drops each time those negative voices in your head speak up

- you want to live your best life, but feel stuck and unsure of how to do it

sounds familiar, right? you're NOT alone!

Since 2012 I have supported dozens of women who have felt insecure, lost, intimidated and disheartened to set in motion powerful shifts. 


Regardless of where you are on your path, whether you've tried lots of things in the past or this is your first time considering a transformative program, you have landed in the  exact right place at the exact right time!

Third Eye

BCB experience

A life changing experience that meets you where you are while nurturing your gifts, refining your strengths, creating clarity and taking you on a results driven transformative journey

Third Eye


A private in-person and online community to support your journey every step of the way

Third Eye


Using a holistic approach to mind-body wellness, experience mindset shifts, physical transformations and gain knowledge and techniques to set you up for an abundant future

Third Eye


Virtual and in person meetings three days a week so you take action and stay on track

Third Eye


Aubrey likes to keep it real, so come as you are and keep showing up as the glorious mess that you are

Third Eye


Lectures, worksheets, journals, and additional recommended resources to support your personal development and growth

what you get

Inside Body Confidence Bootcamp you'll experience 8 weeks of mindset, body and spirit transformation along with soulful support you need to soar including:

hi, I'm Aubrey

For the last 9 years Aubrey has been studying human movement, the psychology of eating, conscious relationships, yoga, mind-body therapy techniques and energy healing. In preparation of beginning a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, she has developed transformative, holistic programs aimed at shifting mindset, getting over physical/mental/emotional blockages and guiding women towards confidence and clarity.


She is most passionate about helping women navigate everyday life who have struggled with body image, self-worth, disordered eating behaviors, and confidence, which is what inspired her program Body Confidence Bootcamp.

over 8    weeks you'll hit these milestones

recognize the non-self

Learn to notice when the negative voice is taking over


breakthrough blockages

Clear out stagnant emotional energy that's keeping you stuck in old behavior patterns

unpack your baggage

Finally put down all that emotional weight you've been carrying  around

befriend your insecurities

Change the relationship with your insecurities and turn them into advisory guardians

rewrite your story

Stop living with the shackles of your old story and start living an empowered life

practice self awareness

Learn mindfulness techniques help you decode the messages of your body

unleash your higher self

Step into empowered living by showing up as the confident, all knowing version of you

practice mindful movement

Learn and experience proper movement designed for your body

program dates: 3.22 - 5.15

pay in full - save $75


- BCB access

- 8 week program

- 2 (45 min) group mini sessions per week

- 1 (120 min) transformative group session per week

- coaching, accountability, support 

- worksheets, journal, recommended resources

- supportive + kick ass community

program dates: 3.22 - 5.15

split payment


- BCB access

- 8 week program

- 2 (45 min) group mini  sessions per week

- 1 (120 min) transformative group session per week

- coaching, accountability, support 

- worksheets, journal, recommended resources

- supportive + kick ass community

ready for a mind, body, spirit makeover?

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When does Body Confidence Bootcamp start?

The week of March 22 and runs through May 15. The next round won't be offered until late June or July. 

I'm new to movement, yoga and this whole mindfulness thing - can I still do it?

Heck yes!! This program is designed specifically for people who are new to it!

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Intuitively, you'll know. If you're still not quite sure - ask yourself how important changing your mindset is, and whether you have the resources and support to do it alone. 

What if I can't attend every single meeting?

Life happens! While this program is designed to establish commitment to oneself, sometimes things come up. Each session will be streamed live and recorded so you can watch the replay before the next class, at your convenience.

Who is this program NOT for?

People on the fence about their own health and wellness. This program requires dedication, and there are certain levels of expectation from your coach and your peers. Also, people who aren't open to holistic wellness will not be a good fit. *This program is not a substitute for medical or mental health counseling. Please ask your medical professional if this might be right for you*

What happens when the program ends?

Transformation never really ends, but when May 15th rolls around, you'll have options to continue with mind-body support in a one-on-one setting or continue on with your sisterhood into one of three follow-up programs: Basic Nutrition, Beyond Eating, or Reclaim & Release! 

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