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confidence camp

transform your self-doubt

Take a second and answer the following questions:

- do I overthink?

- am I critical of myself?

- have I missed an opportunity because of doubts?

- do I wish to change something about myself?

 If you have answered yes to any of the following, this program is for YOU!






Short answer: because you deserve to live confidently. 

Long answer: because life feels easier when we aren't constantly questioning ourselves - our worth, our decisions, our future...and we feel better when are free of doubt...which means we can start living our best lives - and doing it CONFIDENTLY! 


Just imagine for a moment...leaving your baggage in the past. Imagine how different your life will be when you can use those critical voices in your head as a catalyst for transformation. Picture yourself harnessing your inner wisdom and actually using it instead of experiencing it as another road block.    

Confidence Camp will provide that. Plus, you get the benefit of a community of other women going through the same thing as you (because honestly, we've all been on the struggle bus at some point). And, on this journey you'll get to experience different types of mind-body techniques, from emotional energy clearing, to yoga, to self-exploration and somatic awareness. We will begin to deconstruct who you thought you were so you can step into who you truly are by shedding the shackles of your doubts and rewriting your story.

why is transforming your self doubt into confidence important?

- 10 hours of time together over 5 weeks

- 2 group energy clearings 

- 3 yoga practices (for all levels and all bodies)

- 3 short guided meditations

- 4 types of breathing techniques

- 4 techniques for building awareness 

- PDF worksheets

- PDF workbook

- a journal mailed to your home (USA only)

- a private Facebook group

- unlimited email access to me


- 1 one-on-one energy clearing session with me

- access to over 100 prerecorded yoga classes

- 1 live group follow up call

- early enrollment pricing on future programs

what else do I get in this program?

about Aubrey

Aubrey Babcock is a yoga teacher, energy worker and mind-body coach for women looking for emotional and energetic freedom. 

She's also a dog-mom, math nerd and travel enthusiast. She's your average woman, just like you, guiding people towards living their best life with clarity and confidence, using integrative techniques that address the mind, body and soul. 

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