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My Coaching Methodology

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Here’s some context. I spent a brief time in the corporate world trying to put my B.S. of Mathematics to use before realizing that it didn’t fulfill me. In the pursuit of things that really lit me up, I have collected multiple certifications that complement each other in so many ways. Having been a Personal Trainer since 2012, a Nutrition Coach since 2014, a MindBody Eating Coach since 2016, Conscious Relationship Coach and Yoga Teacher since 2017, and Energy Clearing Practitioner since 2019 – and currently working towards an Advanced Teacher Training in Yoga Psychology and certification to become a MindBody Therapy Practitioner, my approach is focused on the person as a whole – mind, body, and spirit.

I wholeheartedly believe that despite what you have going on in your mind-body-spirit, we are whole and complete just as we are. You are not broken, though there may be pieces within you that want to be healed. Our thoughts influence our body, and our body influences our mind. Sometimes our thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors have been passed down from generations, and it is part of our path to heal those wounds. Many times, if we have a physical symptom or unwanted behavior, some sort of dis-ease, it’s often an indicator that there is something else trying to get our attention – something deeper that is ready to heal. Similarly, when we feel uncomfortable in our physical body and try to force change (through exercise, dieting, etc.), without addressing the underlying ‘why,’ we may come up against resistance and struggle – frequently not getting the results we want. Finding a movement practice that honors the body, such as yoga or other mindful movements (notice how I did not say exercise) can help us reconnect in a gentler way.

I encourage my clients to be open to a multifaceted approach. If you want movement, let’s get you moving! If you want to move forward but are feeling stuck in some sort of way, let’s clear the energy that is holding you back. If you feel disconnected to your Self, let’s invite some mindfulness practices into your day. And if there is some sort of relationship – whether it be to a person, to food, to life – that you’d like to explore your connection with, let’s dive into that and see where we end up. Our coaching sessions together are fluid; they are based on what’s going to serve you the most at that time. My only request for our coaching sessions is that you are committed to doing the work. If you aren’t ready, it’s okay!! If you aren’t sure if you’re ready – sign up for a free 20 minute consultation so we can chat.