Beyond Eating

Aubrey Babcock presents

A 10 week program + community for women, like no other

Beyond Eating has been making it's way into the world for the last five years, and I am both so excited and proud to share with you my integrative program designed to expand your beliefs and relationship with food and your body, forever.

This program incorporates a holistic approach towards healing your inner and outer self by shifting your relationship with food and your body through self awareness practices, reflection (lots of reflection) and navigating challenges using a more feminine approach. You will begin to question all of your beliefs around food, your body, movement and so much more in order to discover who you are beneath it all.

Learn what exists beyond your current reality through mindfulness, embodiment practices, and a willingness to be a little uncomfortable. This experience comes with awesome support, accountability, powerful knowledge and a go at your own pace option to facilitate massive shifts in your mindset that will show up in your relationship to self.

a 10 week dive into all things

does this sound like you?


- the pandemic has totally brought up challenges with food and/or body image that you either didn't know about or thought you had moved on from

- you spend more time than you care to admit thinking about food, the effect food will have on you, nitpicking your body, worrying about how you look

- you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, you try to hide yourself with clothes or a faux confidence (sometimes fueled by alcohol or other things)

- you can't seem to shake off the critical voices in your head that are always comparing you to other people or judging your own choices

- you are ready to enter a truce with your body

sounds familiar, right? you're NOT alone!

For about 2 decades of my life, I struggled with my relationship towards food and towards myself. My thoughts on food were so polarized that I developed very strict (and ridiculous) beliefs that manifested as control, restriction, emotional eating and eventually binge eating.


The struggle I had with food was exacerbated by the struggle I had with myself, summed up very nicely by Fat Bastard (please know the movie reference) "I eat cause I'm fat, and I'm fat cause I eat." The toxic cycle of shame, restricting, emotional eating, more shame, binge eating, was so real. 

In 2016 I had an ah-ha moment, reached out to a holistic health practitioner and simultaneously enrolled in a certificate program that changed my life! Since then, I have supported dozens of women who have also felt so uncomfortable in their own body, who have low self esteem/worth/confidence, who have a really dysfunctional relationship to food, and have unwanted health problems/symptoms. 

Regardless of where you are on your path, whether you've tried lots of things in the past or this is your first time considering a program like this, you have landed in the  exact right place at the exact right time!

Third Eye

BE experience

A life enhancing experience that meets you where you are while creating clarity around your beliefs and your story and takes you on a educational and transformative journey

Third Eye


A private in-person and online community, plus special guests to support your journey every step of the way

Third Eye


Using a holistic approach to mind-body wellness, experience mindset shifts, physical transformations and gain knowledge and techniques to set you up for an abundant future

Third Eye


Weekly virtual meetings, actionable items, interactive  discussions and so much more to keep you engaged and on track

Third Eye


Aubrey likes to keep it real cause she's been there, felt that, so come as the glorious mess that you are, and keep showing up for yourself

Third Eye


Lectures, worksheets, journals, and tons of additional recommended resources to support your personal development and growth

what you get

Inside Beyond Eating you'll experience 10 weeks of mindset, body and spirit transformation along with soulful support you need to soar including:

hi, I'm Aubrey

For the last 9 years Aubrey has been studying human movement, the psychology of eating, conscious relationships, yoga, mind-body therapy techniques and energy healing. In preparation of beginning a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, she has developed transformative, holistic programs aimed at shifting mindset, getting over physical/mental/emotional blockages to guide women towards energetic freedom and whole body wellness while rediscovering their confidence.


She is most passionate about helping women navigate everyday life who have struggled with body image, self-worth, disordered eating behaviors, and confidence. Based off of her personal experiences and the extensive education she has received, she was inspired to create this Beyond Eating program that takes a decade of wisdom from her many trainings and houses it all in one place.

over 10  weeks you'll hit these milestones

intro to intuitive eating

Begin seeing both food and your body through a different perspective

befriend your body

Get out of your head and into your body

the hormonal impact

Develop cycle awareness and  appreciate the incredible information from your cycle

the underlying message

Discover the message beneath those unwanted symptoms and critical voices

rewrite your story

Stop living with the shackles of your old story and start living an empowered life

practice self awareness

Learn mindfulness techniques help you decode the messages of your body

challenge your old mindset

Step into empowered living by recognizing old beliefs that no longer suit your narrative

recognize the non-self

Put those self awareness practices to the test when you aren't quite feeling yourself

program dates: 6.21 - 8.27


- BE access

- 10 week program

- weekly group calls

- live and prerecorded content to supplement worksheets + journaling

- coaching, accountability, support

- guest speakers

- additional recommended resources

- supportive + kick ass community

ready for a mindset makeover?

enroll now!

Fast Action Bonuses!!

enroll now and receive these 3 bonuses!

Building Awareness

Change doesn't happen overnight, and sometimes we forget the most important change-maker - awareness. This workshop offers you tips and tricks to building self awareness

Implementing Change

This mini masterclass will lay out your staircase of success by teaching you how to set appropriate goals and discovering each stepping stone along the way so that you can celebrate your progress each and every day. 


One-on-One Energy Clearing Session


This 45 minute energy clearing session will eliminate stagnation and release built up emotional baggage that is keeping from moving forward 

Incase You're Still Not Sure

We know that DNA is passed down, but did you know that trauma and belief systems can also be passed down through the generations? Did you know that those cycles will continue, through you and your children (if you have them), and your children's children until someone steps up to the plate to put an end to the cycle?

Did you know that every single thing about how we experience life is attributed to the associations that our left and right brain made? That we perceive everything based off of every past experience we have ever had...leading me to believe that we don't ever truly experience anything for what it really is, because our brain immediately tries to make sense of it and associate it to a previous experience.


Have you successfully tried the whole fake it 'til you make it thing? Yeah, me neither. I just can't get my brain to get on board. The level of unauthentic is just too great for me to allow. It feels like a lie, for me at least. That's because the concept of faking it til you make it starts on a superficial level, and if you're here, you're more complex than that. Your change starts from the deepest parts of you, not the parts that are exposed to the world. While yes, there is a psychological explanation for the effectiveness of pretending something is true in order to make it true, it just doesn't work for me.


Despite whatcha heard, you're perfect, whole and complete just the way you are, so wave a big middle finger to anyone who has made you feel otherwise.


This program is designed to shift your perceptions of self. Now, I'm not promising self love as the result of taking this program, however, I am certain you will achieve a level of self acceptance, if not, dare I say - self like. You're used to decades of negative self talk, dislike, loathing, shame, disgust, etc., so to expect a full 180 after just 10 weeks would be a little naive, so stay the course and know any progress is progress. 


It's perfectly acceptable and normal to want to change certain pieces of ourselves because we feel broken, not enough, etc. 

When does Beyond Eating start?

The week of June 21 and runs through August 27. The next round won't be offered until early September.

I'm new to all of this stuff - can I still do it?

Heck yes!! This program is designed specifically for people who are new to it!

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Intuitively, you'll know. If you have body image issues, a complicated relationship to food, a strained relationship to yourself, and/or a desire for a new perspective, this is for you. 

What if I can't attend every single meeting?

The cool thing about this day and age, is that technology allows us to stay connected even if it's not in the moment. Group calls will be recorded and released so you can catch up on anything you might have missed. 

Who is this program NOT for?

People on the fence about their own health and wellness. People who are not open to a holistic wellness approach will not be a good fit. This program is not designed to help you fake it til you make it, so you must be committed to doing the work. *This program is not a substitute for medical or mental health counseling. Please ask your medical professional if this might be right for you*

What happens when the program ends?

Transformation never really ends, but when August 27th rolls around, you'll have options to continue with mind-body support in a one-on-one setting or continue on with your sisterhood into a follow-up program!

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